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Parenting Programs help develop a greater understanding of child development, build positive relationships with our children and teaches us skills to deal with challenging behaviour. Junaya Family Development Services aspires to provide the best Parenting Programs that meet the needs of these changing times.

This is an easy-to-learn, evidence-based parenting program that helps parents/carers create a loving, supportive family atmosphere with the help of Emotion Coaching.

Learn the strategies to be a calm parent, engage your child’s cooperation and brain development and manage their emotional reactions to parental boundaries and emotional competency.

Target Group for the Program: Parents/Carers of Children aged 2-12

Based on fifty years of research, this evidence-based parenting program demonstrates that children with secure attachments have more confidence, compassion, resilience, and endurance.

Learn the skills that give you practical tools and techniques to support your child so they can better manage ‘big feelings’. Your child will learn to trust and build better relationships with their parents, caregivers, and siblings.

Target Group for the Program: Parents/Carers of children ages 0-12

This informative program provides knowledge on managing the behaviours of ADHD in children. The program explains helpful ideas on how to use the 3 R’s of Parenting, the power of attention, tips for using rewards effectively, calming strategies and so much more. Learn how to work with your child’s School, help build their self esteem and teach them self-care.

Target Group for the program: Parents/Carers of a child with or seeking a diagnosis of ADHD

This program provides easy-to-use techniques that help Parents/Carers teach their adolescents how to manage their own teenage behaviour problems and emotional reactions. Learn how to engage your teen to have a conversation with you about their risky or challenging behaviour and build a positive relationship with them.

Target Group for the Program: Parents/Carers of children ages 10-17

This program teaches simple, practical first aid skills for helping adolescents and young persons who are experiencing mental health problems. It will teach you how to listen and respond to young people with a mental health problem, even if they are experiencing a crisis.

You will learn how to help them access the support they might need for the successful management of symptoms as part of their recovery journey.

Target Group for the Program: Parents/Carers of children ages 12 and older

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