Session Topics
Listen and talk with others
Understand other people’s feelings
Express their own feelings appropriately
STOP and THINK before they act, and therefore, make positive choices and decisions
Make and keep friends
Learn self-assertive skills in how to assert themselves positively
Cope with and learn strategies to deal with negative pressure, teasing and bullying
Work in groups and help each other

During School Terms


1 Afternoon per week 8 x weeks


To Be Advised on registration


8 to 9 Years old and 10 to 12 Years old

*Please note this group is not suitable for young people to attend.

Why do the stop,,think do program?

Because children learn better when they have positive social interactions and this is important both with other children at school and also their teachers…..

The program aims to help children learn to:

Develop positive social skills that will assist them in forming and maintaining friendships – both in their school and other areas of their lives.