Feeling Fantastic

Topics include:
Feel the Emotion
Acknowledge the Emotion
Name the Emotion
Tame the Emotion
Air out the Emotion
Feeling Fantastic Graduation

During School Terms


1 afternoon a week for 6 weeks


Blacktown LGA


Parents and Carers with children/young people 12yrs +

*Please note this group is not suitable for young people to attend.

Feeling Fantastic is a 6 week fun and practical program that helps children and young people understand and express their emotion,namely feeling of depression and anxiety.

The adolescent years are said to be a time emotion turbulence.The reason for this is because of the changes that are occurring in the adolescent brain.Its a time of tremendous change and upheaval and includes some of the most challenging years for many parents.During the teen years,young people  also face changes both physically and socially , and this is also the time when many common mental disorders first begin.Feeling Fantastic is a course that helps young people to devolop a good understanding of the changes that are occurring in their lives and also equipes them with knowledge and skills to cope with these changes as well as managethem.